A High Performance Data Distribution and Sharing Solution with Sector

Over the years, many users have used UDT to power their high speed data transfer applications or tools.  Today, with Sector, we can provide an advanced data distribution and sharing application, in addition to the UDT library. This solution currently works on Linux only, but we will port it to Windows in the near future, first the client side, then the server side.

Here are the several simple steps you can follow to set up a free, open source, advanced, high performance, and simple-to-use data distribution and sharing platform:

1. Download Sector from here, compile and configure the software following the manual.

2. Set up a security server, which allows you control the data access permission, including user accounts, passwords, IP access control list, etc. You can also set up an anonymous account for your public data.

3. Set up one or several Sector master servers, which can be on the same computer that hosts the security server and the data (slave server).

4. Set up Sector Slave servers on the computers that host your data. Unlike FTP or most commercial applications that supports only a single server, Sector allows you to install the servers on multiple computers, even 1000s of them, and yet provides a uniform namespace for the complete system.

5. Install client software on your users’ computers and mount the Sector file system as a local file directory using the Sector-FUSE module. Your users can browse and access the data in Sector just as browsing and accessing data on a local directory by using file system commands “ls”, “cp”, etc. They will not feel the existence of Sector, although this “local directory” can actually run on 1000 servers across multiple continents!

All the data transfer occurring between the clients and the slave servers are on top of UDT. Therefore, data transfer throughput can be guaranteed even over wide area networks.

If you have any questions, please post them on the Sector project forum.


About Yunhong Gu
Yunhong is a computer scientist and open source software developer. He is the architect and lead developer of open source software UDT, a versatile application level UDP-based data transfer protocol that outperforms TCP in many cases, and Sector/Sphere, a cloud computing system software that supports distributed data storage, sharing, and processing. Yunhong earned a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2005.

6 Responses to A High Performance Data Distribution and Sharing Solution with Sector

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  4. Yunhong Gu says:

    If you can connect to a research network (e.g., Internet2), you can test drive the system from here: http://sector.sourceforge.net/SectorPublicCloud.html

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  6. sequoiar says:

    so cool. then, we can use this way to power static contents in website.

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